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I was there 2 times the past 2 years and he is legit, right now there are his competition sandering him, and its a shame, if you want the scoop of Johnny and his holistic sanctuary call me. 747-258-8117 My name is Lourdes and I am an award winning producer and not no fake nut job on here trying to defame Johnny, I seen miracle happen at his place and some crack heads are trying to steal his system so they have recruited some of his staff and... Read more

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Our son was a heroin addict and we needed help! He tried to quit on his own several times but he just couldn't win the battle. A friend told him about Ibogaine, and after researching and learning more, that is what he wanted to do. I started doing my own research and found The Holistic Sanctuary. Johnny was very prompt to return my calls. He was very compassionate and really wanted to help. Our son spent a week at the Holistic Sanctuary, he... Read more

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To begin I just want to thank Johnny and his staff of superhero angels for providing a living space of healing and pushing a protocol that truly works on a scientific emotional and spiritual level. I was lost and needed help. I still had hope after scouring web pages and researching alternative healing modalities for addiction. I searched alternative healing at this point because my experience with traditional rehabs in America left a sour... Read more

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Ok here's the truth about Holstic Sanctuary. I don't work there and actually work with some of his competitors. I was a *** addict for 20 years and had about 30 rehab attempts and never could go more than 60 days. I was dying on Suboxone and couldn't get off no matter what. I saw the Vice special about Ibogaine and I knew this was for me. I contacted Johnny and made plans to go. I was a bit nervous as I had heard all about cartels and... Read more

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My name is Eddy and 2 years ago Johnny cured my 7+ year cocaine and heroin addiction. I just went back for my annual reboot and reset and I am feeling unreal. Even my mom, my sister, my aunt, and 5 of my friends have all been to Johnnys and received the powerful Pouyan method, YES! We are all healed!! LIES about Johnny, Anyone can go on this site and make claims about Johnny, but if you want the real honest truth about Johnny call me! He is the... Read more

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I was cure by Johnny The Healer, he is the real deal. If you are serious about healing your loved one send them to The holistic sanctuary. I was there for almost month and my whole life has changed. I cannot find the words to explain the spiritual awakening I had. (NO WORDS) can describe this healing. this place is for real. I will owe these guys for what they did for me. I can never replay them. Thanks to all the staff at the sanctuary. Love... Read more

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My Name is Maryann I am a real person. I am hear to defend Johnny The Healer! After seeing these horrible lies about Johnny the Healer i had to come here and defend him! This man is a saint, he saved my sons life! He saved my life, Johnny is the real deal. I am a real person, this sick person who is making up lies about Johnny needs to get a life! Sicko mentally ill wack-job. We have sent over 1 2people to Johnny because of his amazing work he... Read more

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These are all lies and the low life individual who is posting on here is a past employee who was terminated for patient neglect. He has bulllied and even tried to blackmail us if we don't give him money he will post negative reviews. For the record no one has ever died in our care, EVER . We are not closed and will remain open, This ex-employee , now runs his own clinic and is threatened by our excellent work, his greed has him thinking if he... Read more

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Bad treatment caused a death at Holistic Sanctuary in Mexico. Johnny the Healer-Stealer under investigation by Mexican Authorities. Shut down temporarily. This man has gotten away with gross acts for too long. This time its a tragedy. He has to be stopped. Its time for to put an end to this kind of gross negligence. Its sad. He has been doing things like this of years running from place to place one step ahead of trouble. Dont go there or send... Read more

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WOW......The competition are freaking out about the results johnny is having with his treatments. I feel bad for the souls and family members of the haters that posted these lies about johnny. He is the real deal and get results like no other center i look at. I can prove this the fake reviews. I am real! Here is my video and proof I was at his center. watch my video on youtube copy and post the link Johny took me off 9 deadly medications... Read more

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