Rosarito, Baja California

Bad treatment caused a death at Holistic Sanctuary in Mexico.Johnny the Healer-Stealer under investigation by Mexican Authorities.

Shut down temporarily. This man has gotten away with gross acts for too long. This time its a tragedy. He has to be stopped.

Its time for to put an end to this kind of gross negligence. Its sad.

He has been doing things like this of years running from place to place one step ahead of trouble. Dont go there or send your loved ones there.

He should not be allowed in in this field or any.

He should not be free.Be careful.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Busted You
Los Angeles, California, United States #1342428

Hey dumb A-S-S you forgot to cover up your location!You just made its obvious you're the competition, you wrote this it from rosarito mexico (where Johnny's competition is) You are that ***!?

you can't even get away with slandering people you give away your location???lol

Irene NJ
Edison, New Jersey, United States #1330459

5.0 star rating 4/28/2013

There aren't enough words to say about this amazing place and this saint of a man!Johnny the healer has saved my family!

He has given by parents back their son, me, and my sister back our brother, and most importantly my nephew back his father!!!!!!!!!!

My brother fell victim to drugs. He got badly hurt at work and these so called doctors who think they know what they're doing gave him pain killers. One thing led to another he shortly became a heroin addict. He turned into someone that none of us knew.

He had become a thief, liar, a completely different person than what we knew of. We got him help here in the US, but all that it did was put a band aid on the problem. He hated rehab and could not wait to get out. He would be fine for a week, and then go back to the same old bad habits.

Every time I would call different rehabs here, they wouldn't be as positive as I would think they should.

It was all the same nonsense. They would be more concerned on how are they going to get paid, rather then making your loved one better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My whole family was all out of hope, and faith. We all thought that one day my little brother would either be found dead or in jail.

One day a very close family friend of ours told us about Ibogaine. My sister and I started looking into it. We looked on all the placed around the world. None of them even came close to what Johnny does at his...

From the iv drips, hydro therapy, infrared sauna detox, the list goes on and on.

When I first spoke to Johnny, he was basically the only person that made me feel at ease! The passion, motivation, the willingness that this man has is unbelievable!!!!!! I knew he was the only person that could make my brother better!

But there was a problem! Because of my brothers drug use, he had bled the whole family dry. We all put our head together and decided to try to raise money to send him. We got in touch with our church, family friends, news papers, we even had a dance for him and we had people donate food, their time.

I am writing about this to let people know, if you really want something you can make it happen. It is such a shame that there is a cure for this disease, and Ibogaine is not legal here in the United State. Please take my word for it, I have seen it first hand! My heart would break every time I would even think of my brother!

Johnny the healer saved him because of his knowledge, motivation, and passion. He is heaven sent! My self and my whole family are forever grateful to him. My brother has been back home know for a few months, and he is doing fantastic.

Believe it or not, Johnny still keeps in touch with him, and calls us as well.You tell me what other place or person would do that!!!!!!!!!!!

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Washington, United States #1261141

Call Me 858-334-3866 I was cured by Johnny the healer this dirt bag who wrote this BS review will get his with Karma. Karma always takes care of the *** LOL

if you want to contact me about my experience and how it saved my life feel free to contact me 858-334-3866 ...thank you johnny and the amazing staff especially the ayahuasca facilitator you are all amazing and everything was above and beyond!!!

San Diego, California, United States #1214868


Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1175906

Ok here's another attempt by desperate competition to make Johnny look bad. I was with johnny for 60 days and I was treated with love respect and johnny is the real deal.

These bozo's cant take the fact they are losing clients to johnny, his pooyan method works!

cowards and losers, get a life

San Jose, California, United States #1166214

Ummmmmm, shut down???your a whack job.

I was there for 30 days, his center is open, you are just another desperate rehab trying to divert people from going to johnnys.

some people are so desperate.Johnnys place is hands down best place to get healed.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1160420

Life Changing!!!!!!! Best and safest place on earth to get healed


All these reviews are WEIRD, real or not everyone just sounds extremely WEIRD

to Anonymous #1171740

Weird? Get the *** out of here you troll......... Go find a toilet to bathe in, your comment smells like bullsh!t

New Jersey, United States #1135347

LIES about Johnny, Anyone can go on this site and make claims about Johnny, but if you want the real honest truth about Johnny call me!He is the real deal!

my name is Eddie, 2 years ago Johnny cured my 7+ year cocaine and heroin addiction. I just went back for my annual reboot and reset and I am feeling unreal. Even my mom, my sister, my aunt, and 5 of my friends have all been to Johnnys and received the powerful Pouyan method, YES! We are all healed!!

My cousin John-Joe is there right now getting cured. His clinic has never been shut down. This maggot who posted this lie is only discredit Johnny to get clients to go to his run down shiit hole.

I am a real person if you want to talk to me, call me and verify this. Johnny gave me my life back!

He is a master at what he does! If it wasn't for him I would be dead right now, 5 of my friends would be dead right now!

I am happy for the first time in my life.Johnnys plant medicine is a Gods send, I went for Ibogaine and I was blown away with all the treatments, IV drips Massage, HBOT, 90% raw organic non GMO juice cleanse, infrared carbon sauna, oxygen therapy, reiki healing, colonics, green coffee enemas, amino drips, ayahuasca, ibogaine, crystal healing, stem cells, I probably left some out!

If your reading this and still do not know call me 862-596-0004, I live in Jersey.

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